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It uses a set of computer-controlled inflatable leg cuffs, in a series of 1-hour sessions, to improve blood flow to the heart muscle. While nobody fully understands why, it turns out that a series of EECP sessions significantly relieves Angina and improves exercise tolerance in most patients suffering from same following Coronary Arterial Disease. Medicare currently reimburses for EECP only in patients with angina who are medically not suitable candidates for angioplasty, stenting or bypass surgery.

best-eecp-treatment-india-oxymed-hospitalThe Enhanced External Counter pulsation (EECP) is an advanced medical equipment which is used for Non-invasive treatment for refractory angina and Heart failure at Oxymed in Chennai. This novel equipment has been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration, USA. This is a unique method which offers relief of anginal pain, breathlessness and enhances the flow of blood and there is overall improvement in the quality of life of patients.

It also improves the myocardial perfusion to the ischemic area. It increases the coronary blood flow velocity which would lead to the formation of new vessels and thus opens the dormant collaterals. This treatment plays a vital role in the case of patients with unstable angina and the treatment is well tolerated in patients with heart failure. In such a case, during the course of a treatment the drop in oxygen saturation is also monitored and Patients who have undergone this treatment have very soon found relief from anginal episodes. It also increases the treadmill exercise time and ultimately increases the cardiac output. Generally cardiac patients are treated for one hour per day, six days a week for about six weeks so as to obtain optimal result. In some patients where the problem is chronic, they are also offered the treatment for two hours a day.

This is a boon for patients suffering from heart ailments as this does not involve hospitalization and the patient can just walk out after treatment and can very well attend to his daily routine lifestyle. The most important factor is that it does not require a surgery and therefore there is no loss of blood ,no scar and above all there is no pain or trauma. Above all ,it relieves the family members from unwanted anxiety and fear.

The older version of the EECP Machine is available and may be functional in some hospitals in India . However the new version of the medical equipment, with the state of the art medical technology is installed for the first time in India by Dr. Ayaz Akber , at the Huma Oxymed hospital. This is an absolute boon for cardiac patients who can be very well cured without having to undergo the pain and trauma of heart surgery. Huma Oxymed Hospital is till date proud to be the only hospital in this region to have this improvised modern gadget.

Understanding EECP

Treating Patient with Coronary artery blockage has revolutionized from simple drug treatment to complex angioplasty, stenting procedure and major surgical procedures like Coronary artery Bypass surgery. All these treatments have improved patients quality of life to a great extend. The search for a safe non-invasive treatment which combines the benefit of both drug treatment and surgical procedure and applicable even on high risk patients led to introduction of EECP (Enhanced External Counter pulsation). It is world’s first truly non-Invasive treatment for CAD and Heart failure and is approved by USA FDA.

EECP is a micro-processor controlled system. During the procedure, the patients lies down on a padded specialised table . Three sets of rubber cuffs of about 4 inches width, are tied around three points of the body e.g the calves, thighs and the hips. These cuffs are then connected to air hoses, which in turn are connected to valves.

As mentioned earlier ,during contraction the heart supplies blood to all the organs and during relaxation it gets its own blood supply from the coronary artery. When the heart contracts the EECP cuffs are deflated . During relaxation the cuffs are inflated with a predetermined amount of pressure, which pushes the blood from the lower extremities in a timed, sequential manner, toward the heart. Normally a patient has to undergo the procedure several times, usually through 35 one hour session, six days a week for six weeks. With this therapy the minute blood vessels or the dormant collaterals eventually open up . The portion of the heart which has been starved of blood because of a blocked artery of arteries, starts receiving blood all over again.

In comparison to interventional procedure , EECP is very unique . Its mode of action is on smaller vessels in the heart, which are too small for bypass surgery or angioplasty. The treatment works in several areas of blood circulation inaccessible to Bypass surgery and Angioplasty. This suits well for Indian patients who traditionally have diabetes and have smaller and diffusely diseased vessel which makes bypass or angioplasty difficult.

As added benefit the treatment also improves the blood flow to all major organs in the body which greatly improves the patient’s overall health.

“When I discuss with my patients regarding EECP ,most of them are quite excited to know that a new treatment other than Angioplasty, stents or bypass is now available which can reduce or end their chest pain. I believe EECP treatment has great potential in treating patient who doesn’t want to undergo for surgery and to patients with poor heart function making intervention risky” opines Dr.Akbar.

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation(EECP) is used for Non Bypass Treatment for Heart failure. Oxymed hospital in chennai offers EECP therapy throughout India

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