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Heart Disease Risks
Heart Disease Risks

These Fctors that increase a person’s risk of coronary heart disease in general and heart attack in particular. The more risk factors you have, and the greater the level of each risk factor, the higher your chance of developing coronary heart disease  that could lead to heart attack.

Your Age.


As you get older, your overall increase for heart disease and heart attack goes up. For men this means being over age 45 and for women, over 55.



You need to know your total cholesterol, plus the “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and the “good” high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol in your blood. If your LDL is too high or your HDL is too low (less than 40 mg/dL), you are at risk. Get a blood test to find out what your cholesterol levels are if you do not already know.


Blood Pressure.

It should be 140/90 or lower. If you are taking medication to control blood pressure, you are still considered to be at risk even if your blood pressure is under control.



Chronic Diseases.

There are other health conditions, such as diabetes, that are closely tied to heart disease risk.



Family History.

If you have close male relatives who had heart disease before age 55 or close female relatives with heart disease before age 65, you are at increased risk. However, Levy points out that many people do not know all the details of their family’s history with heart disease. Make the best guess you can if you don’t have someone to ask.


Smoking Cigarettes.

Smoking is a strong independent risk factor for heart disease.



Lack of Exercise

Lack of exercise & physical activity and Obesity attributes to as much of 60 percent of all cardiac diseases.


 The sooner you know and manage your risk factors, the better your chances of leading a heart-healthy life.
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