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LASER – Laser stands for “Light Amplification by stimulated emission radiation”

LASER - "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation"

LASER – “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation”

The biological effects of cool lasers in based on photochemical process resulting for the resonance interaction of light with observing molicules. It is also  hypothesized that the effect can cause a torque causing rotation of particles until their dipole moment becomes aligned along the electrical vector of the field created. Laser therapy is found to be helpful in treating pain and facilitating soft tissue healing. Loco-level laser therapy is effective in releasing serotonin and endorphins. It can be responsible for relieving pain.
In some cases, laser treatment has the advantage of relieving chronic neck pain in a much shorter time than it could take manual therapy.

Non-invasive treatment

Laser therapy was introduced as a non-invasive treatment option for osteoarthritis.
It is a light source that generates pure light of a single wavelength. The effect produced by laser therapy is not thermal (heat)- Instead, it has to do with photochemical reactions in cells.
In all degenerative conditions, there has been some form of cellular or nerve damage. By using this Non-invasive therapy, patients can experience pain relief & increased range of motion, without serious surgeries and drug treatments that may cause unwanted side effects.


(Patient’s who should take Laser Therapy Treatment )


  • ♦ Sprains & strains.
  • ♦ Low back pain.
  • ♦ Inflammation.
  • ♦ Swelling.


  • ♦ Osteoarthritis. ( knee, hip)
  • ♦ Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • ♦ Cervical Spondylosis.
  • ♦ Lumbar Spondylosis.
  • ♦ Peri arthritis – shoulder.
  • ♦ Chondromalaria Patella.


(Patients whom should not take Laser Therapy Treatment)

  • ♦ Pacemakers.
  • ♦ Pregnancy.
  • ♦ Epileptic Seizures.
  • ♦ Thyroid Gland.
  • ♦ Cancer.


Osteoarthritis is a severe type of arthritis that involves the eventual loss of cartilage tissue in one or more joints of the body.
Cartilage is the padding between bone in joints. The loss of which can cause pain, nerve damage and eventual loss of bone.
Laser therapy is used to regenerate cell growth and increase blood flow to the area with loss of tissue, which can relieve arthritic pain.
A pain and inflammatory mediator is converted into a vasodilator which then helps increase in the area and decrease comfort.

  • ♦ Laser therapy is extremely safe and no side effects.
  • ♦ Therapy session last 15 minutes – Usually 6-8 sessions are required.

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Laser Therapy
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