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Best Cardiac Hospital in Chennai India | Best Heart Hospital in Chennai India
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Best Cardiac Hospital in Chennai India

Cardiovascular diseases have been on the rise in India and it results in several deaths occurring every day across the country. A report by the World Health Organization,in the year 2005, states that most deaths that occur in India is mainly be due to heart diseases. In India about 18 crore people are prone to suffer from heart diseases. It is estimated that from the total deaths of Cardiovascular origin globally, 60 % will be from India.It is also projected that in India, about 91 patients die every hour due to cardiac problems.

Even in countries where there is better understanding of the disease and places where more sophisticated treatment facilities are available, the incidence of heart diseases over the years, have grown in great proportions. In India this problem is very much on the higher side, because of lack of knowledge of the disease and the lack of required medical facilities to treat the patients at affordable cost. Until recently ,the ultimate model, scientific treatment for coronary hearty diseases was limited to angioplasty and by pass surgery affordable to reach people. Now the arena has widened and patient have the option of getting cured to a non invasive alternative model scientific treatment at our hospital having latest infrastructure facilities that to at an affordable cost. At the other end ,we present a therapy and treatment which is affordable even to the lower middle class family. This is because the chairman of this hospital felt that he can make it possible. And he did it.

Oxymed Hospital offers a unique treatment method, called EECP, Chelation, Ozone Therapy, Located in Chennai, which is not only a non surgical treatment for Cardiology diseases but also for other ailments as Parkinson’s disease, Diabetic gangrene and foot ulcers, Stroke and paralysis, Cardiology, Osteoarthritis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Cancer and Best Heart Hospital in Chennai India many more.

This treatment, carried out at Oxymed, is helpful to those who are suffering from Coronary Artery Disease and have been advised to undergo bypass heart surgery or balloon angioplasty after a heart attack.

Oxymed hospital in Chennai provides Non-Surgical cardiology treatment for cardiac diseases. It has the best cardiologist in India for curing heart disease without surgery.



The Life Style Treatment of Preventive Cardiology

Heart Diseases Heart disease is a word used to describe many different conditions affecting the heart.Coronary heart disease is a common type of heart disease which reduces blood flow to the heart and increases the risk of a heart attack and other heart complications. Types of Heart Diseases Irregular Heartbeat Congenital heart defects Weak heart […]

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Oxymed IN-Patient Block :
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