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What is EECP Treatment and What does EECP do? |
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What is EECP Treatment and What does EECP do?
What is EECP Treatment and What does EECP do?


EECP stands for Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation. It is a treatment method to treat especially the patients suffering from angina, heart attack, cardiomyopathy & coronary artery disease. 

It is a non-surgical treatment process in which externally created pressure on the patient’s body affects the systolic and diastolic function resulting to affect the blood pressure & blood flow of the body. In brief, it increases the blood flow to the arteries to cure the disease. 


In the EECP treatment process, three types of cuffs are there, attached to each leg of the patient at the calf, thigh& bottom. The inflation of the cuffs is monitored by a computerized mechanism. Also, a wave of the electrocardiogram is used to control the timing of inflation. The therapist of EECP treatment monitors the timing of inflation and deflation. It usually provides optimal movement of blood in the human body per a finger plethysmograph waveform reading. 

It produces a retrograde blood flow in the aorta (aortic counter-pulsation), which causes a diastolic rise in blood and also an increase in circulatory flow while returning. This whole thing leads to a modified coronary perfusion pressure during the diastolic movement. 

The typical EECP treatment consists of a 35 one-hour session a week. A maximum of 2 sessions can be suggested for a single day depending upon the patient’s capacity to cope up. The course of therapy can further be extended or reduced depending upon the responsiveness of the patient. Additionally, some exercises may be prescribed by the physician to reduce the leg & back pain issue; usually, patients have due to this treatment. Though the stability feedback is this treatment if needed, the patient may have to repeat the same procedure afterward. 



EECP is a very modern theory. So, it needs more modification and betterment to become more active and responsive. Nowadays, individuals have several disabilities due to a fast-paced lifestyle. Thus, surgical treatment is not always suggested considering medical history and records. Thus it is the main reason for the growing popularity of EECP treatment. 

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