The inability to express thoughts in their finest form becomes a huge setback that hinders the quality of life for many individuals and kids. Although the circumstances may feel frustrating and hopeless, it is completely possible to get better and tackle the disorder. There are expert speech therapy services in Chennai that have the experience and expertise to solve the symptoms. 


Seeking a professional will resolve the problem the problem and make life easier for people who struggle with cohesive speech. These speech therapists work with kids and adults alike by evaluating, diagnosing, and treating various disorders. 


Also, if you are looking for the best speech therapy in Chennai, you are in the right place. 


Follow along to learn in detail about speech therapy. 


What is speech therapy?


Speech therapy is a type of treatment that improves the ability to speak and use language skills properly in adults and kids. It helps you express your thoughts easily and also understand what others are trying to convey. 


The inability to produce sounds and speak words is considered a speech disorder, and it can be tackled by various speech exercises and treatments. While some need speech therapy to speak better, some need therapy to understand and comprehend the language better. 


Below are certain ways in which speech therapy can help. 


  1. Early language skills in children learning to talk 
  2. Ability to use your voice properly 
  3. Fluency while speaking 
  4. Clarity in Speech 
  5. Language comprehension 


Types of common speech disorders 

If you suspect you have a speech disorder, make sure to visit your healthcare professional. He or she may do a few screenings and tests to evaluate your symptoms and diagnose the reasons. One common test is hearing tests done by audiologists to make sure your auditory system is good. 


Common Speech Disorders

Below are the common speech disorders: 


  • Aphasia: Those diagnosed with aphasia usually have difficulty when it comes to reading, writing, speaking, and understanding language. The condition commonly affects those who have had strokes or injuries in the part of the brain that processes languages. 
  • Apraxia: Those diagnosed with apraxia can comprehend what they want to say but have trouble when it comes to writing, reading, swallowing, and other motor skills. 
  • Articulation disorder: The inability to produce certain sounds and words is called articulation disorder. Saying “wed” for red or “thith” for fifth are examples of the disorder. 
  • Dysarthria: Those diagnosed with dysarthria have slow or slurred speech, which happens due to weakness in muscles that control your speech. It is caused by nervous disorders like multiple sclerosis (MS) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). 
  • Cognitive communication disorder: This happens when the areas of the brain controlling your thinking ability get damaged. People diagnosed with this disorder may have problems with problem-solving, speaking, listening, and memory. 
  • Fluency disorder: People diagnosed with a fluency disorder may have a disruption in their speed and rhythm while speaking. Stuttering and cluttering are classic examples. 
  • Expressive disorders: Those with expressive disorders have trouble conveying their thoughts by wording them out. This may happen due to hearing loss or neurological disorders. 
  • Receptive disorders: People diagnosed with receptive disorders have trouble comprehending what others are saying. They often have difficulty with directions and may show indifference in conversations. 


Treatments for speech disorders


Treatment for speech disorders depends on the underlying condition and may differ for each person, as well as the severity of the condition. For kids, speech therapy may include activities like sequencing games or language-based board games. 


For adults, speech therapy focuses on improving the skillset or strengthening the coordination between the mouth and brain. 


  1. Speech exercises are followed to familiarize people with words and sounds. 
  2. Physical exercises strengthen the muscles that help with speech. 


Here are a few examples of speech therapy treatments. 

  1. Speech sound assessment: The treatment plan included identifying how a child pronounces various sounds, including vowels and consonants. This assessment helps identify how well the person can communicate. 
  2. Contrast therapy: The therapy involves patients uttering word pairs with one or more speech sounds. 
  3. Target selection: The person is made to practice certain words and sounds to get familiar with, which ultimately helps their condition. 


Furthermore, there are other treatments that target specific conditions and will be determined by your healthcare professional. 


Your healthcare professional may also suggest exercises that strengthen the mouth and tongue and control facial movements, which control motor skills. 


Life after Speech Therapy


With successful post-speech speech therapy, individuals have a better quality of life and an easier way to navigate their conditions. Millions of people have benefited from speech therapy and have improved their language and communication skills. 


In kids, speech therapy builds courage, makes them ready for school, and also helps them learn early language skills. 


Speech therapy helps build self-esteem and self-confidence in individuals and helps adults with their interviews and presentations. It also nurtures their ability to comprehend and express their ideas and thoughts more decisively. 


Better swallowing and enhanced vocal quality are also crucial benefits of taking speech therapy. 


Overall, speech therapy is a blessing that improves the quality of life for individuals who suffer from speech disorders. 



 Speech disorders have a significant negative effect on the lives of individuals and kids who suffer in silence. Although it may take time, effort, and loads of practice, speech therapy helps people with their disorders and helps them take charge of their lives. 


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