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Indian Patients

Why I Should Choose Oxymed Hospital?
How To Get In Touch With Oxymed Hospital?
If I have chest discomfort / strong family history of cardiac disease what do I do?
What types of illnesses and diseases are treated at Oxymed Hospital?
What is the process to avail treatment in Oxymed Hospital?
How do I take a follow-up treatment appointment after being discharged?
Can I use Mediclaim / Insurance / Cashless Facility or can I avail My Govt. / Company claims on my behalf?
Where do I get the medicines / drugs after treatment at Oxymed Hospital?
Do I have a specialized doctor / facility to assist me after my discharge?
How frequently should I come for check-ups during the treatment?

CT Angio

Is there an easy method to find out heart blockages?
How accurate and reliable is the CT Angio test when compared to the Angiogram?
Can you explain a little more about CT Angio?

EECP (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation)

Can a Cardiac patient take EECP in a daycare hospital?
How does Oxymed treat patients?


Can it be possible to treat 100% blockages without surgery?
New blockages form for some patients even after Bypass and Angioplasty. Do you treat such patients?
How will the patient know that the problem of blockages has been treated successfully?

Heart Failure

What is heart failure?
What is the conventional way of treating Cardiac Heart Failure?
How will the patient know that the problem of blockages has been treated successfully?

Diabetic Wounds

Diabetic foot ulcers and non-healing wounds result in amputation. Does Oxymed treat these conditions?
Do you treat non healing wounds only with HBOT?
Do you admit patients in order to treat them?

Orthopedic Ailments

Does Oxymed hospital treat orthopedic related problems without surgery?
How does this therapy work in giving the desired results?
How will the patients know that they have got the results?


Does Oxymed treat cancer patients?
Does Oxymed takes Stage 4 Cancer patients?
How does Oxymed treat Cancer patients through non-surgical methods?

International Patients

I’m from abroad. How do I get a medical visa?
Will you arrange for airport pickup?
Will you arrange for accommodation for me?
In which currency do I make payment?
How do I take a follow-up appointment after being discharged?
My medicines are over and not available in my country of residence. What do I do?