Cancer, in itself, is traumatic. When it befalls, the family passes through a traumatic period.

Medical Oncology at OxyMed

At Oxymed we work with the belief that cancer can be conquered and we stand with our patients at all stages to make it comfortable for them in this battle. 

Treatment options vary according to the stages of the disease. The early stages of cancer are easy to handle. But not the case at the advanced levels wherein cancer becomes a challenge to both the patient and the physician.

Below is our approach to cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy at Oxymed

Oxymed Hospital specializes in treating cancer at an advanced level. Our highly experienced senior oncologists use chemotherapy to treat cancer and elicit in the patient the best results. Oxymed Hospital treats cancer patients from all over the globe. We are well-known for its empathetic treatment of patients and its supportive network of well-trained staff.

Hyperbaric support during chemotherapy

What's so special about Oxymed? Oxymed Hospital, with its HBOT facility, supports patients undergoing chemotherapy and reduces the vast side effects of this painful treatment, thereby giving maximum comfort at the time of treatment.