Cardiac Care

Cardiovascular diseases are conditions caused usually due to narrowed or blocked blood vessels that lead to heart attacks, chest pain, or strokes.

We often see our family members or neighbors falling victim to a sudden heart attack, irrespective of age. Which leads to certain fear in us, instilled forever. Our lifestyle change in the last few hundred years plays a major part, but there are solutions and preventions to better take care of our cardiac system. Read below to get to know our cardiac care better.

What are cardiovascular diseases?
Cardiovascular diseases are conditions caused usually due to narrowed or blocked blood vessels that lead to heart attacks, chest pain, or strokes. Other heart conditions, such as those that affect your heart's muscles, valves, or rhythm, are also considered heart disease.Heart failure may be due to heart defects, cardiovascular disease, valvular heart disease, heart infections, or cardiomyopathy. Treatments for cardiovascular diseases can differ by the types of their conditions.

Our Approach and Technologies
The crux of our efforts at Oxymed is to save the patient from the surgery! Undergoing Angioplasty or Bypass surgery is as traumatic during and after the surgery, both for the patient and the family concerned. Truly, not all cardiac patients require Bypass or Angioplasty.In Oxymed Hospitals, the whole approach is novel. With high success rates and painless treatments, Oxymed has treated over 6,000 patients without any surgery. Oxymed hospitals cater to heart patients using techniques like EECP, Chelation, and Ozone Therapy. These treatments are non-invasive by nature.

EECP (Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation)
The Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) uses advanced medical equipment for non-invasive treatment for refractory Angina and Heart failure. This unique method offers relief from anginal pain, improves breathlessness, and enhances blood flow.EECP (Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation) is an approved treatment method by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to cure Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) & also to manage refractory angina. It has three sets of pneumatic cuffs controlled by an electronic mechanism that sequentially inflates and deflates to impact the blood flow, and systole-diastole function.

Importance of EECP
In Angina, many studies from different institutes show EECP as useful for treating Chronic Stable Angina (CSA). In random trials, it revealed that EECP significantly improved both the symptom of angina & that exercise tolerance in patients with CAD. It enhances the quality of a patient’s life when compared to placebo therapy.

In Congestive Heart Failure
EECP increases pressure in the arteries by affecting the systole & diastole functions. The increased pressure leads to the opening of the blockage/congestion between arteries. This process ensures smooth blood flow. This intervention is a non-surgical method of treating heart attack patients in cases of emergencies.

In Hypertension
A study revealed that patients who received EECP therapy had a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure. They had no record & effect on diastolic blood pressure /heart rate. This effect improves hypertension in patients.

In Non-Cardiac Condition
Other than cardiac issues, EECP treatment can be beneficial for patients suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Hepatorenal Syndrome (HRS), Syndrome X, and Retinal Artery Occlusion.

Chelation Therapy
Chelation is the most effective and easy-to-perform mode of treatment the world over. There have been countless patients who have benefited from it. Chelation Therapy enhances the flow of blood all over the body, thus improving health. Clearing the blocks without surgery through this treatment is the greatest blessing that a patient can receive. Chelation is a boon of the immense advancement of medical science. It is the safest, most inexpensive therapy available today. It not only removes blockages from the arterial blood vessels but also restores blood flow in atherosclerotic regions. Patients who probably would have had to undergo surgical intervention get cured.
Chelation therapy treats Angina Pectoris, Heart attacks (Myocardial Infarction), arterial blocks, the narrowing of the cerebral blood vessels, Strokes, Transient Ischemic Attacks, Hypertension, and Parkinsonism. It is useful in treating heart attacks by removing blockages without surgery at affordable costs. Oxymed Hospitals offers the best Chelation therapy throughout India.

Ozone Therapy
Ozone comprises three atoms of Oxygen and is a natural element found in our atmosphere. Ozone production in its medical form takes place with the energization of Oxygen. Used to treat viral, bacterial, and fungal attacks, it plays a vital role in detoxifying unwanted chemicals and organisms in the body. This therapy cleans the tissues and also nourishes them, enabling the patient to regain good health. Oxygen reaches deprived body tissues with the help of this therapy.
Ozone therapy has been very effective in treating Heart diseases, Cancer, Parkinsonism, and high level of infections. With no side effects, this is a cost-effective therapy affordable by all.

Our promise for your long life
Heart ailments are ranked the topmost killers nationwide. Our promise in cardiology is to treat swifty and promote faster recovery using non-invasive methods to the largest possible extent. Lifestyle changes can change your style of life! Learn to live free from heart diseases by leading clean and pure lives.